Pharma Way North America LLC, establishes a second U.S. office in The Villages, Florida

The decision to open another U.S. office in Florida was based on the market potential and growing demand for our product Dot Shot in the Sunshine State. We also have our national logistics partner based in Miami, which allows for fast delivery throughout Florida and its 22 million residents. Florida is the third most populous U.S. state after California and Texas.

Situated in the heart of Florida with easy access to the entire state, The Villages and its surrounding area is one of the fastest growing communities in Florida with a large population of 55+ persons seeking to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The Villages is also the second largest golf location in the world with 12 championship and 38 executive golf courses. Furthermore, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States with over 3.3 million players and growing by about 20% per year. The Villages is considered the Pickleball Capital of the world with over 200 courts.

With the ever-growing consumer movement in the U.S. to stay healthy and active, we see a huge potential to increase our sales and build our brand in Florida with The Villages as the hub. The $450million U.S. wellness shot's market is growing by 15-20% annually with turmeric products topping sales since 2013.

Our products are based on a life-long expertise in formulating and developing water-soluble plant extracts into healthy beverages. Our unique dispersion technology enables faster and more effective body absorption than any other turmeric extract on the market. Dot Shot is the first in a series of upcoming functional wellness products designed to improve quality of life.

Pharma Way North America LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the parent company Pharma Way AB with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden

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