Pharma Way initiates partnership with 4SPORTS Hockey Agency Sweden

The company 4SPORTS is headquartered in Switzerland and has established operations around the world. 4SPORTS offers industry leading services for training, development and management to its players wherever they play. 4SPORTS offers its players a unique network and an exceptional expert group to support them throughout their careers. The collaboration initially applies to the Swedish division with players active in the Nordic region. For more information see 4SPORTS Hockey

Dot Shot is the world's first turmeric/curcumin drink based on water soluble curcumin, it has unique anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, with a refreshing taste of lime. Dot Shot has an uptake in the body that is faster and up to 39 times better than other traditional curcumin products on the market, and thus better effect.

Curcumin helps the body recover from inflammations due to physical activity as well as reduce pain and muscle damage. Many athletes and sportswomen drink Dot Shot especially for its anti-inflammatory properties. Several of these users have cut back on traditional anti-inflammatory drugs and use Dot Shot which is natural, vegan, and with fewer side effects as a supplement.

"A growing number of players and elite athletes already use Dot Shot with positive results, which means that a cooperation with Pharma Way and Dot Shot is of great interest; says the 4SPORTS Hockey 's representatives, Michael Johansson and Johan Finnström. Our goal in 4SPORTS Hockey is to look after our players' best interests.

The basis for our cooperation is the great interest in our product Dot Shot which today is used not only by a growing number of elite athletes but also by physiologists, rehab coaches who recommend this to their patients in combination with their own treatments. We look forward to bring Dot Shot to elite athletes both in Sweden and abroad together with 4SPORTS Hockey" says Mårten Österlund, CEO of the company.

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