Collaboration with Magdalena Fjällström, Alpine World Cup Skier

Dot Shot initiates cooperation with the strong leading star in Swedish alpine skiing, Magdalena "Monne" Fjällström, who competes in the World Cup. In slalom she became the junior world champion in 2013 in Canada and Olympic youth champion in 2012. She made her world championship debut as a senior skier in Åre 2019.  Magdalena missed the start of the 20/21 season due to a knee injury but hopes to be back on the skis soon.

Dot Shot is the world's first Turmeric/Curcumin drink

Based on water soluble curcumin, it has unique anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, with a refreshing taste of lime. Dot Shot has an uptake in the body that is faster and up to 39 times better than other traditional Curcumin products on the market, and thus better effect.

Curcumin helps the body recover from inflammations due to physical activity as well as reduce pain and muscle damage. Many athletes and sportswomen drink Dot Shot especially for its anti-inflammatory properties. Several of these users have cut back on traditional anti-inflammatory drugs and use Dot Shot which is natural, vegan, and with fewer side effects as a supplement.

"Now I have been drinking Dot Shot for a while and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. My knee had a swelling that I had been dragged with for several weeks but now the swelling is completely gone so absolutely I feel the difference from the Dot Shot drink. In my rehab plan was a cortisone shot, but it has been taken out now that the knee has recovered on its own. Of course, it is not just the drink that made a difference, but my whole life has revolved around getting rid of the inflammation, but I still think the turmeric has done its bit. I'm super happy! says Magdalena "Monne" Fjällström

The basis for our cooperation is Dot Shot which today is used not only by a growing number of elite sportswomen and men but also by physiotherapists and rehab coaches who recommend this to their patients in combination with their treatments. We look forward to helping elite athletes such as Magdalena "Monne" Fjällström both in Sweden and abroad" says Mårten Österlund, CEO of the company.

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