Pharma Way start collaboration with the Slovenian handball team

Pharma Way has entered into an agreement with the Slovenian national handball team and look forward to the cooperation with the players and its Head Coach Ljubomir Vranjes. Mr. Vranjes is a former key player in the Swedish national handball team which won the World Championships, European Championships and multiple Olympic medals during the 1990’s and beginning of 2000.

"During the preparations for the upcoming European Championship, we allowed players in the team to drink and evaluate Dot Shot which resulted in the agreement with Pharma Way.

The national team players evaluation of Dot Shot has been a positive part of our preparations for the European Championship. Injuries, mostly affecting joints and muscles, are common for players at the national team level. To combat those injuries Dot Shot has proven to be an effective natural complement for our players.

We look forward to play in the European Championship where our collaboration with Pharma Way and its product Dot Shot will primarily help players having less muscle soreness and contribute to a faster recovery," says Ljubomir Vranjes, Head Coach of the Slovenian national handball team.

DOT SHOT is a new and innovative vegan turmeric wellness shot based on water-soluble curcumin from turmeric with a refreshing taste of lime.

Independent scientific studies have shown turmeric effective in helping the body maintain a range of normal functions:

  1. IMMUNE SYSTEM – Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
  2. EXERCISE - Contributes to the normal functioning of the muscles i.e. less pain from exercise and faster recovery
  3. MOBILITY – Contributes to the normal mobility and function of joints

"The basis for the cooperation with the Slovenian national handball team is based on our shared commitment to ensuring that players have access to an effective product that contributes to their health and recovery. We are confident that our product and cooperation will help the Slovenian national handball team on their journey towards new successes and medals.

Through this and other sports partnerships, we are pleased to see that the use of our product Dot Shot is now growing among professional athletes in Europe”, says The Company's Vice President Joacim Folkesson



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