DOT SHOT i amerikansk podcast

DOT SHOT in American podcast

Earlier this week, an episode of the podcast was released Pickleball Recovery where DOT SHOTS' own Joacim Folkesson participates and talks about DOT SHOT and recovery. 

The podcast and interview is done by TIm Ringgold and is a podcast that revolves around the fairly new sport of Pickleball - the sport that is a variation of tennis and padel and is the fastest growing sport in the US right now. Tim Ringgold talks to Joacim, among other things, about DOT SHOT and how DOT SHOTS products can help with training pain and for faster recovery. 

Joacim says this about his participation in the podcast: 

 I was invited to talk about our product on his podcast - in large part because we as a company have the first and only water soluble turmeric drink on a global market, he continues: 

- Since 2019, turmeric has been the best-selling food supplement in the United States and still retains first place. 

If you want to listen to the podcast, you can do this: 





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