Från finans till fitness med Helena Gissle

From finance to fitness with Helena Gissle

In the first part of our article series about people who use DOT SHOT, we talked to Helena Gissle. From a busy day in the financial world, she went to become a full-time fitness enthusiast who really does her part to improve the well-being of others. 

Helena is today co-owner of a CrossFit box in Tyresö in Stockholm and also works as a personal trainer. She describes her career change, which happened about five years ago, as an investment and something she certainly does not regret. 

– Today, I have much greater freedom in managing my own everyday life. I get to meet amazing people every day and help make more people feel better, she says. 

Recovery is essential 

The days start early - at 05.30 she is in the training room for the morning session, pt and lunch session, then home for some rest and then back for the evening sessions on some days. Therefore, recovery is something that is important to Helena - and being able to listen to the body's signals about when you need to rest.

– Of course, it is important that I make sure to eat well, sleep well and rest as much as I feel I need, she says and continues:

– Then I take Dot Shot every day, which is the only dietary supplement I take. I have osteoarthritis in both elbows and before I could no longer reach my shoulder, but now I can. 

Hurry slowly 

Regardless of whether it is diet or exercise that you need to change, or want to get rid of, she believes that it is important to hurry slowly.

– It is about big changes that are made slowly. If you start training after not having trained at all, it should be done in a moderate dose at the beginning to get to know your body. The same applies to changes in diet, small changes are easier to maintain in the long term than large drastic changes.

In the CrossFit box and as a personal trainer, she meets everything from enthusiasts to everyday exercisers. She is careful to emphasize that CrossFit is actually for everyone - as long as you put it at your own level.

– A lot is up to me as a coach, to make sure that the members stay at a level that is right for them. And then the big thing about CrossFit is the community that arises in a training group - everyone supports and encourages each other regardless of level, she says. The community with us is a big factor in why many people continue their training with us. Inside the box doors, gender, religion, age or goals do not matter. Everyone is here for their exercise and well-being.

If you want to follow Helena Gissle, you can do it on hers instagram here and are you interested in hers You can read more about the Crossfit box here. 

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