Therese Johaug tar en viktig roll i Team Eksjöhus nya satsning på kvinnoidrott

Therese Johaug takes an important role in Team Eksjöhu's new investment in women's sports

Team Eksjöhus invests together with Therese Johaug in creating better conditions for women to pursue elite sports on equal terms.

 Last April, Therese Johaug ended a career as fantastic as it was victorious. During her last three championships – WC 2019, WC 2021 and Olympics 2022 – she won all nine distance races and in total she became world champion 14 times and won four Olympic golds. In the World Cup, she stood on the podium 170 times, of which 100 times at the top.

The 35-year-old, who is a new mother, will now be an important part when Team Eksjöhus together with Team Aker Dæhlie start a new project. By inviting to lectures, training days, training courses and working together with both top and bottom among the girls on the youth side, the two ski stables hope that many more will continue to play sports later in life.

In addition to Johaug and Marthe Kristoffersen, sports director and coach for Team Eksjöhus, the Norwegians Guru Strøm Solli and Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes and former Swedish World Cup medalist Maria Rydqvist will also take part in the project.

Pharma Way AB sells and markets health-bringing shots under the DOT SHOT brand and is a proud partner with Team Eksjöhus for the coming seasons of the Ski Classic, starting with the 2023/24 season.

Pharma Way is a company with unique knowledge in developing water-based plant extracts for drinks with health-effective properties. What differentiates Pharma Way's formula from others is that the active parts are already available in the mouth, and thus do not have to pass through the stomach before being absorbed into the blood, something that can mean everything when best individual performance is in focus.

Pharma Way's DOT SHOT product line has unique properties to enhance the performance of professional athletes while also providing faster recovery and reduced training soreness. Something that even everyday athletes need and have requested.

Today there are many elite female athletes who use DOT SHOT, such as Magni Smedås, Team Eksjöhus, second in the Ski Classic season 22/23, Jonna Andersson, Soccer player in Hammarby and the Swedish national team and Matilda Söderlund, the world's top female free climber. 

DOT SHOT evaluation and results

After a competition season of testing and evaluation of DOT SHOT at Team Eksjöhus, we look forward to being an important part of a strengthened Team Eksjöhus and "we are proud and happy that everyone in Team Eksjöhus had only positive reactions to our product series and that they also like it for the good taste," says Joacim Folkesson, vice president and marketing manager at Pharma Way.

"We tested DOT SHOT for a few months in the team and have received many positive responses from especially our female riders, so we really believe that DOT SHOT can help us to succeed in the coming seasons" says Espen Träldal and continues "DOT SHOT has proven itself very well for muscles and joints, as well as recovery after training and competition, something that is important to be able to train harder".


DOT SHOT - upcoming news

The DOT SHOT product series currently consists of two variants, but will soon be expanded with additional ones. A pre-workout variant as well as a variant that promotes better skin status and counteracts the aging of the skin. Contact Joacim Folkesson at Pharma Way for more information.

Ski Classic - long-distance ski cup - for women and men

Ski Classic started in 2011. The competing teams (currently 35 teams) consist of members from several nations who ride long races of various distances, one of the longest being the Vasaloppet. SVT in Sweden broadcasts the entire competition, which last season was spread over 14 races, over ten competition weekends in six different countries.

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