Ski classic startar äntligen i helgen med två tävlingar

Ski classic finally starts this weekend with two competitions

The Ski Classic Pro Tour kicks off this weekend with two races on December 9th and 10th in Bad Gastein, Austria. DOT SHOT is a proud sponsor of Team Eksjöhus and we will follow Ski Classic and the team in this blog.

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How does the SKi Classic Pro Tour work? The season consists of 15 races with slightly different distances. The competitions start in Bad Gastein, Austria, and end with the Janteloppet in Norway. Our Vasalopp is one of the longer sub-competitions.

The fun thing about the Ski Classic compared to other cross-country skiing competitions is that it is both an individual and team competition. Where the teams are composed of riders from several countries, so not a competition between nations.

The Pro Tour has 35 teams registered. The team's results are determined by a points system, where the goal is to get as many points as possible in the team for each competition, which is not based solely on individual performance.

This is how the competition works: 

The winning team of the Pro Team competition is determined by the total number of Pro Team points and Pro Team Sprint points.

Pro Team points are awarded at each Pro Tour event based on:

1. Champion points (points depending on placement) from the Pro Team's top two male skiers and top two female skiers,

2. the total number of Sprint and Climb points (the first seven male and female sledders to reach the sprint and climb finish in competition are awarded points) collected by the team,

3. 50% of the youth points for the best female and male skier in the team and 50% of the Champion points for the best non-Swedish or Norwegian skier.

Competitions Pro Tour (Classic Style) 2023/24

1. Bad Gastein Sportgastein, Austria December 9 15 km

2. Bad Gastein Criterium Sportgastein, Austria December 10 35 km

3. La Venosta Criterium, Val Venosta, Italy 16 December 35 km

4. La Venosta ITT, Val Venosta, Italy 17 December 10 km

5. 3 Sentences Ski Marathon Sexten, Italy, January 13, 62 km

6. Engadin La Diagonela, Pontresina-zuoz, Switzerland, January 20, 55 km

7. Marcialonga, Trentino, Italy, January 28 70 km

8. Jizerska’ 50, Bedrichov, Czech Republic February 11 50 km

9. Grönklitt Classic, Orsa Grönklitt Sverige 17 februari 50 km

10. Grönklitt ITT, Orsa Grönklitt Sverige 18 februari 12 km

11. Vasaloppet, Sälen-Mora Sweden March 3 90 km

12. Birkenbeinerrennet, Rena-Lillehammer, Norway 16 March 54 km

13. Reistadlöpet, Setermoen-Bardufoss, Norway 6 April 40 km

14. Summit 2 Semja, Setermoen-Bardufoss, Norway 7 April 60 km

15. Ski Classics Grand Finale Janteloppet, Hafjell, Norway, 13 April 100 km

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